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<span>Premium Koi Food</span> Purchase On-Line

Premium Koi Food Purchase On-Line

We offer Excellent high quality fresh KOI FOOD for all your koi fish and sold by the pound at the lowest possible rates. Compare ingredients to those in large chain pet stores and you will realize the difference in nutrition and price per pound.

You Eat Fresh Food, So Should Your KOI !

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<span>Aquatic Plants for Your Koi Pond</span> Why They’re Important

Aquatic Plants for Your Koi Pond Why They’re Important

Koi owners need to make sure they select the right aquatic plants that will harmoniously co-exist with their koi. They also need to ensure that their plant placement is done properly.

Have a Question or even two ? Feel free to ask, we love sharing our knowledge. Proper Care of your KOI is so important.

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<span>Fish of the Month</span> Credit Cards Accepted

Fish of the Month Credit Cards Accepted

Every month Alanka Koi features a Special Fish of the Month. Here you will not only be able to take advantage of the low prices we offer but at the same time build your inventory of Beautiful Healthy KOI Fish.

We Sell nothing but the highest quality healthy KOI in South Florida, at the lowest prices, We accept Cash, Credit /Debit Cards.

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On-Line Store

On-Line Store

At Alanka Koi We’ve been supplying the healthiest Koi for over ten years right here in South Florida. Now you can order your KOI supplies direct from Alanka KOI right here on online and receive rapid free shipping.

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<span>Varieties of KOI</span>

Varieties of KOI

Koi varieties are distinguished by coloration, patterning, and scalation. Some of the major colors are white, black, red, yellow, blue, and cream. While the possible colors are virtually limitless… Click View Details for further information

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<span> STRESS THERAPY</span>


Three University of Pennsylvania researchers report that quietly watching koi fish swimming in a garden pond eases stress, and may offer a means of treating high blood pressure.

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